Individual Product Configurators for your Sales Success

More and more customers are looking for products that precisely meet their individual needs, far from standard solutions. Companies on the other hand have to adapt and respond to the new customer requirements in order to remain competitive.

This often results in online stores that are confusing and have options that discourage and overwhelm users from making a purchase.

A better way can be an individual configurator software, such as room configurators, kitchen designer, pool planners, or the ability to put together one's own computer.

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Advantages of Tools and Configurators

Well-designed configurators for products that precede online stores or useful tools take the potential customer by the hand and provide a user experience that leads to a lead more often.

Longer time spent on your Website

As potential customers engage more intensively with the adaptation of their product, the time they spend on your website increases (retention time). Abandonment without a lead becomes less likely (Sunk Cost Fallacy).


A playful approach to your products makes online shopping fun and builds greater brand awareness through targeted placement.

Potential for Companies is immense

Companies like IKEA already successfully use 3D product configurators and kitchen planners. However, almost any product can be individualized or presented in this way.

Statistically Analyzable

By monitoring how customers use your configurator, it is possible to statistically evaluate and permanently improve the user experience.

Search Engine Optimization

Useful tools and interesting configurators are often shared on the Internet, which also improves the visibility of your website in search engines in the long run.

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Development of a customized configurator

In detail, we develop a customized solution together that is positioned in front of your online shop or ERP system. Since configurators are as unique as your products, we develop your configurator with the following procedure:

Prototypical Discovery Phase

Even if you don't have a clear vision yet, we can start with a prototype (Minimum Viable Product) and, during the development process, agilely tap into its full potential.

From UI/UX to customer retention

The development of a successful configurator requires an appealing user interface and a user experience that gives the feeling of creating the product oneself. Things that one designs oneself naturally foster a stronger attachment.

Continuous optimization of the entire funnel

A good configurator accompanies the potential customer through the entire buying process and encourages repeated purchases and other services.

Powerful product visualization

By providing a detailed representation of your products, many aspects that often require explanation can be easily communicated, reducing inquiries to customer support.

Output format optimally tailored to production

The information gathered after a lead can be flexibly adjusted to optimize internal processes according to your requirements and production workflows, thus avoiding manual adjustments.

Verification of the configuration

Not every component is universally compatible. In vehicle configurators, for example, many components are mutually exclusive, which requires verification of the configuration and an appropriate user communication.