Domain strategy for optimal brand positioning

A successful brand strategy is closely linked to a carefully thought-out strategy to use Internet addresses for brand communication and maximizing reach. But often companies register domains in the expectation of gaining a competitive advantage without relying on statistically sound bases for decision-making. The full potential of the company's own domain portfolio often remains untapped, as does the possibiliy to tap into further business opportunities.

Example: For Fahrzeughandel XY GmbH, it can be a strategic advantage to own the domain and use it as a landing page to draw the attention of new customers to its own offer. It can also be advantageous to know when competitors are going out of business so that you can continue to use their domains for your own visibility.

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Background to the domain strategy and domain consulting

Since 2015, we have been analyzing the domain market and monitoring the buying and selling behavior of Internet addresses. As a result, our domain database has grown to become one of the largest in the world with currently over 350 million addresses. This collected information and domain research forms a solid basis for individual domain name consulting and brand analysis.

Strategic domain portfolio for targeted brand communication

Typically, a company has one main domain that is used for both the website and email traffic. However, building a robust domain portfolio can be used to further strengthen brand identity and associate desired keywords with one's brand.

Find the right domains for your brand

We offer comprehensive research to identify new domains that will strengthen your brand and provide clear recommendations for domain acquisitions.

Potential development of the domain portfolio

We analyze existing domains to see how they can be profitably used for brand communication and give recommendations on which redirects should be set up, when it makes sense to build thematic landing pages or even sub-brands.

Optimize your domain portfolio

We identify existing domains that incur unnecessary costs and can be deleted without compromising brand presence.

SEO optimized domains

Our search engine optimization recommendations aim to strengthen rankings through targeted SEO domain building or acquisition of domains with a solid backlink profile.

Discover your competition's strategy

Staying one step ahead of the competition is always a goal. Knowing which domains a competitor has and how they are used gives a strategic advantage in building your own domain portfolio and brand positioning.

With our domain database it is possible to get deep insights into the structure of competitors.

Recognition of trademark infringement

If you have trademark claims and want to identify competitors who are using them unfairly, thanks to our database, we can install monitoring so that immediate action can be taken when they appear.

Our Offering

Our domain name consulting is tailor-made for your brand. The following offers might be of interest to you:

  • Detailed research for a comprehensive domain strategy
  • Clear and concrete recommendations for action based on our analyses
  • Long-term strategic support for new key topics
  • Tracking of domains in order to make statistical decisions about their further use
  • Domain portfolio management, hosting and forwarding management
  • Implementation of landing pages, if necessary also with individual product presentation or product configurators.